Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cookie- 84 words
Stephen N. Dethrage

They are warm and gooey. They smell literally irresistible. They are not for you. Someone died, you think, and the cookies are comfort food, but that only makes things better. When you steal one, it is not for the mouth-watering taste or the perfect soft texture. It is for nothing other than the rush, the incomparable thrill you'll get when your mother asks if you took it, or know who did, and you look her in the eyes and lie. You know nothing sweeter.

Rise and Shine - Guster

Sorry for the late post. I wrote this yesterday, but in the insanity of taking an Astronomy test in the morning and getting prepared for a Greek and Roman Mythology test this morning at eight, I apparently forgot to post. As students, I imagine you understand.

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