Friday, August 27, 2010

Mission pt. 2

Moon - 143
Ben Azevedo

Chapter 4

In the hall of Building A, there was an argument. The argument was not over leaving, simply when. Miles was in favor of leaving immediately, but Jonesy wanted to wait for a break in the storm.

Miles knew he didn’t have that much time; the mission had to be started soon, before the moon had risen too far. Of course there was no moon with the cloud cover of the storm, but if it broke…

Miles shivered.

“Jonesy, look. He said two hours. If we don’t get going…”

“I know man, I know. But Tracy ain’t the newest model anymore!”

Tracy was Jonesy’s EMG ship. The only ship that could get Miles to downtown.

“Jonesy, if we don’t leave now, the storm could break. If the storm breaks, and the moon rises, our mission is going to be impossible. We need to MOVE!”

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