Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Introduction

I considered including the word "brief" in the title, but being misleading isn't really something I would mean to do, and I've got a lot of ground to cover. So...

AN INTRODUCTION! (Brevity: Undetermined)
By: Aaron Dethrage

This project started out as a writing project that I conjured up as a personal challenge for bettering my writing. I started explaining it to a few of my friends, and they each expressed a lot of interest in attempting something similar. So, after a few stalled starts at creating a home for these writings, we finally created the blogspot residence you see now.

Here's a copy of the project explanation as I had initially typed it up for our unpublished first attempt at a website:

The process for this project is simple.

The first step is a visit to and retrieve the daily, single-word prompt they provide by clicking “Go.”. That word is the only cue for each writing; no other content limitations exist. Next, we go to On their homepage is a random number generator. Setting the minimum value to 15 and the maximum value to 500, we generate the only other limitation for this project, an EXACT word count requirement.

Initially, we each had planned to write an entry every day, collecting 6-7 perspectives on the same word and posting them online as a daily body of work. While a good idea in theory, our shared college student status and our varying day-to-day schedules made this a pretty unrealistic goal, so we've condensed it down to something more manageable. Each writer has a day of the week where he is responsible for writing on the day's prompt and posting it here. Here's the schedule of writers.

Monday- Stephen Dethrage
Tuesday- Sarah Van Name
Wednesday- Kevin Foster
Thursday- Lindsey Thompson
Friday- Ben Azevedo
Saturday- Mary Ann Loo
Sunday- Aaron Dethrage

Each post will be formatted the same way, for organizational ease (something I am a boss at). The titles will all be "The Day's Word" - (Word Count). Under that will be the author's name.

Yoga - 175 Words
Aaron Dethrage

Following the post, I've urged each author to post a link for a song that they feel either relates to their word or that they enjoyed listening to at some point in the day.

We have a Twitter and a Facebook Group where we will shoot short, daily updates to any fans/followers about new postings, other author related events/writings, etc.

I guess that's about all for now. The first official post will be coming on Monday from Stephen. Check back in with us then, and follow us on Twitter/Facebook (pending) to stay up to date on everything we're doing and posting.


A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife - Stars

(Brevity: Nonexistent)

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