Monday, March 1, 2010

The Idiot

Idiot- 260 Words
Stephen N. Dethrage

She was irregularly beautiful, and that should have been his first clue. Something indistinguishable in her fascinating amber eyes, her flawless golden skin, and the perfect curves of her body simply surpassed the realm of normalcy. And yet, drunk and lusty, he either missed or ignored the inhuman beauty she radiated. In spite of this, as soon as she saw him on his dilapidated barstool in the seedy club she found herself in, she chose him. She ignored his mediocre build, his inexpensive outfit, and the telling gold ring on his finger and ultimately, they left together. In a cheap room in the first hotel they found, their night was full of fire, passion, and pure animalism. She never once thought of the temples that were once built to her, or the carnal conquests of her past, or the vast difference between the men of the twenty-first century and the men of the Heroic Age. For the first time since Adonis died, she truly loved a mortal.

Hours later, disoriented and losing the fight to a pounding headache, Ethan rolled out of bed and pulled on his clothes as quietly as he could. The woman on the bed beside him was truly beautiful, but he wasn't willing to sacrifice his average job or his average marriage for some pretty whore he'd never met. He slipped out the door after one last look at her naked form and vanished into suburbia once more.

In the morning, for the first time in the entirety of her existence, the goddess Aphrodite awoke alone.

Idioteque - Radiohead

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