Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spaces Between Your Fingers

Hold – 171 Words
Ben Azevedo

They were meandering down the sidewalk before her house. The sun had sunk behind the serrated edge of the trees that lined her street. They talked, in the low hushed voices people use to avoid discovery. They talked just to hear each other’s voice, about the weather, or the new movie at the local theater. After all, it was the first night. There was plenty of time for the real talks. Somehow they knew that, despite their youth.

This slowness was difficult though. He had been feigning coolness, participating in the casual discussion as they neared her house. But if he couldn’t do it, if he chickened out, and they reached the door too soon…all would be lost. So, as he casually expressed disinterest in that terrible zombie film (which he was planning to see the next night), his arm began to match the swing of hers.

Their elbows brushed (his heart leapt)

…his pinky hooked hers (he nearly fainted)

......her fingers slid eagerly into his and squeezed (he was Superman!)

Don't I Hold You - Wheat


  1. Captures the raw emotions of someone's firsts quite well. The first touches should be amazing. Wonder why we can't find a way to keep that electricity...

  2. That was so cute. :)

    And a perfect song. I almost chose that one for my story. I'm glad the two will be so close.