Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do you wonder if time will find us?

Lake - 132 Words
Aaron Dethrage.

The lake–while far from clear–is tranquil, and she is telling me all her secrets. Here, amidst a towering cityscape of trees and a soft breeze that’s lacing my fingers like an awed lover, I float on my back and stir gently with the current, listening to the words of the water. Her inflection rises and falls with each ripple and wave. She is telling me of her crystalline shine in the thick-iced winter and the tapestry she becomes with every spring sunrise. She is enticing me to stay, to abandon my life in the city for the peace I find with her. It’s easier than I expected; I raise my hands above my gradually submerging head and slowly sink away from the world–embracing the only love I’ve known.

Loxtep - Annuals

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  1. Damns. Quite possibly my favorite piece of fiction you've ever written.