Monday, March 8, 2010

Missing Home.

British-127 Words
Stephen N. Dethrage

Desperate for lyric inspiration, and in the service of the Her Majesty's British Empire, Devon found himself hopelessly lost, deep within the living, breathing madness of the jungles of India. Innumerable exotic serpents, faster in striking than any other killer, silently surrounded him with their fangs dripping with venom. Muscular, carnivorous jungle cats stalked him, their next meal, and rustled the foliage with a whisper, staying always just out of sight. Monkeys, or birds, or some other forsaken creatures shrieked shriller cries than the loudest banshee of legends and nightmares. Immersed irrevocably in the world depicted by Kipling's masterpiece, with agonizing death on every side, Devon realized precisely the degree to which he took for granted the beauty of the rolling hills of Tennyson, Shakespeare, and Wilde.

The Bones of You (live)- Elbow and the BBC Concert Orchestra

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