Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Interior Decorator's Youngest Daughter

Vase - 113
Sarah Van Name

Mary was oldest.
When the women of the family chose
her wedding gown, the air was bruised
purple with the passive-aggressive
tendencies of generations, and she picked
a dress too long – too beaded – too much.
Pressure and surrender.

She’d wanted a short dress.

You could’ve looked like Marilyn Monroe,
I thought as I watched her approach
down the aisle like a cumulus cloud.
My bridesmaid dress felt like saltwater
on a razor burn, but I saw the love
in their eyes,
independent of tulle or lace.
This was enough.

...They tenderly kissed and cut the cake
the bride then tripped and broke the vase.

You could’ve looked like Marilyn Monroe,
I thought, wistful.

Death of An Interior Decorator - Death Cab for Cutie

To let our small readership know, at least five out of seven of our writers (Aaron, Stephen, Lindsey, Ben, and me) are at the beach or, in Ben's case, on a cruise. Mary Loo and Kevin may also be, I've no idea. But that's the reason for the slowness in getting posts and songs up this week. Hopefully everything will return to normal soon.

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