Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Double Post! Again!

Strung - 150 words
Kevin Foster

For all of the things I could still remember my grandfather saying, I couldn't for the life of me remember how he'd said to string a catfish line. I did remember, though, and vividly, all of the times that he'd told me I didn't know how, a condemnation usually followed with a string of oaths and swears I assume he learned in his time in the Navy. He'd get this stern look in his eye and open his mouth and out would come this surprisingly high-pitched voice and if you didn't know him, you'd almost start to laugh, thinking that he was just pretend-angry – how could a voice like that, like a tired drag queen, convey anger – but then he'd abruptly stop and flick out his cigarette and swivel around and resume work on the line. I'm starting to think maybe he never told me how at all.

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