Thursday, June 24, 2010

Genesis and Revelation

Velvet - 141 Words
Lindsey Thompson

I suppose it’s easy to miss the beginning, the nervous plains rushing into a zenith with each first and each butterfly-touch. With every word spoken coated in rich chocolate and wrapped like it’s never been said before. Fingers that traced the spaces between and interlocked in secret communion as smiles crept across timid faces knowing more than those surrounding them. Your embraces like velvet enveloping my bare skin.

It’s easy because it never lasts. Nothing can be new forever, and so I sit and remember many months and years and lives ago when you first barged in on my soul, naked before my ears and mind. And now I think, how easy is it left to pass.

I am not the same man I was. You are not my muse. Now, we sit and read the paper as the storms pound.

Turncloaking - Annuals

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  1. One of my favorites of yours, Lindsey. Really beautiful and understated.