Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Don't Mind. Honestly.

Suit - 145 words
Mary Ann Loo

You haven’t worked in three years,
and you’re broke.
You’ve lived with me for two years now,
and you don’t cook,
or clean,
or change the sheets.
You pass the time listening to records,
doing nothing.
You make me laugh,
with your boyish charm,
your touch excites me,
and when we make love I know I love you.
I never complained,
never pushed you,
I simply stopped wanting more.

But these days you’re hardly home,
you say you’re at the café down the street,
and one day you met someone.
It’s just coffee,
I don’t mind.
She sounds nice on the phone,
she’s seems nice in person,
and under different circumstances, she’s forgettable.
You brought her into our bed,
my bed,
and now she says she loves you.

I honestly really don’t mind,
as long as you never leave me.

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