Thursday, June 10, 2010

To The Stand

Wand - 167 Words
Lindsey Thompson

He was told to use his wand on any unsavory character that gave him shit. It was his first night patrolling alone, and he wasn’t scared, he was just a little wound up. A little on edge. So he was patrolling, and he saw a rabble of suspicious-looking and unfortunately black guys making some kind of deal or something. So he got out of the car to investigate, and they circled around him, not touching him, but really crowding around him. So he grabbed his wand, then they started with the names and the reaching into their huge pockets and baggy pants, so he hit one, just to show them he wasn’t scared, jut a little on edge, and they began to yell and he kept swinging and hitting and they kept yelling until a neighbor called 911.

He was just a little scared. He told the judge that, that he was just alone and scared, and that color didn’t matter, but the judge said it did.

The Professor - Damien Rice

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