Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Songs of our Fathers

Waltz - 186 Words
Aaron Dethrage

An old, silver music box sits lopsidedly next to the dusty snow globes and spare pocket change atop little Julia’s nightstand. Every night she winds its fragile key and sways to the waltzed lullaby that is produced. It was a gift from her father, and she cherishes it more than any toy or gem she has ever owned, though its value is miniscule at best.

With each listen, she wonders if the box maker also had a daughter whom he loved very much and for whom he had written this magical tune, but never does she envy this fantasy daughter for her father or the gifts his hands could create. For her, the cracking hands and crackling voice of her loving dad are all she ever could have asked for.

With time, the melody that the relic box produced became less and less recognizable-- its tiny, tuned teeth suffering from the wear and forgetfulness of age that we all shall know. However, Julia never forgot its precious tune and sings her daughter to sleep every night with the same simple song.

La, di-da, di-da.

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